Health and social care is a team activity. And like any other team activity it relies on efficient and effective communication.

It’s not hard to see how a care management system like KareInn helps critical information flow freely around a care home and across different homes in a group. But what happens when other care settings and practitioners are involved in someone’s care?

When the care team extends beyond the home to include GPs and other practitioners, efficient communication and exchange of information is equally essential – but more complex. The Digital Social Care Record aims to make collaboration more efficient – based on electronic rather than paper-based communications.

The government is supporting care providers to work with approved suppliers to implement digital care records. They’re doing this because it’s such an essential element of a more collaborative health and care system. Talk to KareInn if you’d like more details.

Going digital, in our view, is only part of the story. For deeper collaboration you also need standardisation, which we’ll come to in a minute.

The Benefits of Digital Care Records

To give a fairly straightforward example of the benefits of digital care records, consider what happens if a GP needs to see somebody’s care records to make a better-informed clinical decision. If records are on paper somebody needs to stop what they’re doing, retrieve the file from an office, copy the relevant pages and fax them to the GP practice.

As well as being cumbersome, this isn’t a particularly secure way to handle personal data. A care home using KareInn, on the other hand, could instantly generate a PDF record using the care management dashboard and email it to the GP. At worst it would take a couple of minutes.

Data Standardisation

With standardisation there’s an opportunity to go further and share live data in real time – between care settings and providers and across different systems.

KareInn is committed to enabling efficient and secure information sharing to enhance care delivery. That’s why we became partners with the Public Records Standards Body. We share their vision of accelerating progress towards an integrated health and care system powered by shared and standardised data.

Our immediate priority is to conform to the PRSB ‘About Me’ and Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard. After that we’ll work towards compliance with the Urgent Transfer from Care Home to Hospital Standard.

If you want to equip your care home group for the future, it makes sense to work with a care management solution that is actively helping to build that future – based on simplified data sharing though common standards.

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